Friday, October 19, 2012

Examples of Sustainable Development In Action

Affected by the exterior aspects as constant-upgrading Western debt and poor international economic restoration, the trading amount between Chinese suppliers and EU is further decreasing from the beginning of this season, which has been the first aspect in impacting the overall rate of growth of China's exports. It is expected that our move scenario will become more and more serious in the second half of the season, following with the ongoing dropping of the analyzing success. Under the situation, Hangzhou Chemfar Ltd. is searching a successful way for maintainable growth in such problems.

1. Enhance specialized benefit and develop specialties
Technological advancement is a key aspect in helping the enterprises' competition, and the competition is the strong assistance points for the industry to achieve maintainable growth. According to the Economist J.A John Alois Schumpeter, engineering is to identify a new development function, and then apply this never-used mixture of development aspects and development conditions into development. Hangzhou Chemfar is a organization with many years' encounter targeted on providing incorporated growth and production support to the drug and fine substance industry. When in technological innovation advancement, Chemfar is dedicated to the following works: Learning and checking frontier knowledge and innovative technological innovation styles in the substance industry; Creating new high-performance & low-cost environment-safe products; Creating their own product manufacturers, and doing the promotion to focus on clients, then progressively growing the company.

2. Pay interest to public liability and identify business cultures
A maintainable company is not basically seeking its profit, but it should also pay interest to public liability. The business lifestyle is determined as the total of managing concepts, managing requirements, function concepts, functions perform and public liability established in the marketplace activities. And it is also the spirit for sectors in their lifestyle, competition and growth. The sense of public liability, for being one important part of the business lifestyle, is often the symptom of the common concepts for an worker.

In this regard, Hangzhou Chemfar has done very well. Chemfar has connected significance to its company popularity, and it always snacks every customer and every company deal with visibility and good trust. Besides, Chemfar has always placed itself as a accountable provider with continuous supply capacity, not that kind of organization basically seeking commercial passions. Therefore, Hangzhou Chemfar has established long-term connection with many famous worldwide businesses. For example, it has cooperated with the biggest substance provider in The country for about 10 decades and has already been its primary associates in Chinese suppliers. Besides, Chemfar has established a ten-more-year connection with a worldwide collaboration. Though in the scenario of poor worldwide economic system and dropping offshore industry demand, Hangzhou Chemfar has still managed close collaboration with worldwide clients.

3. Train high-professional abilities to increase support levels
"Talent is the first capital", said by the gm of Hangzhou Chemfar in the meeting. And he also said that those inter-disciplinary abilities with the mixture of substance expert, language and promotion capability in this special industry are the most effective. Their organization has been dedicated much in employees training. All the expert skills, encounter, as well as team mood in these employees will ensure the maximum performing of the organization.

Excellent solutions are not such as quick reaction of communication, tech assistance, high-quality items, appropriate distribution and after-sales solutions, but also those personalized solutions, such as personalized solutions provided to the clients and individual solutions. Only the upgrades of the excellent and capability on employees could bring more and better solutions to clients. All these are essential requirements for the industry to take a road of maintainable growth.

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